What is TokyVideo and How to use it?

TokyVideo is a Spanish video-sharing and social networking application. It is available on iOS and Android and allows you to share your videos with friends or for the world to see. TokyVideo is a great place to publish and view new videos daily. It is effortless to use. Visit tokyvideo.es in your phone browser, and you can log in with your Facebook and Twitter accounts, register from a mobile app, or create a username and password.

TokyVideo has more than 5 million users and more than 450 million uploads. It’s the third Spanish video network. The main difference is that each video has a short preview before starting the video in full-screen mode. TokyVideo also lets you download any video without registration and share videos with friends.

How to Use TokyVideo?

Using TokyVideo is relatively straightforward, and here are the general steps to get started:

1. Create an Account:

The first thing you need to do to use TokyVideo is to create an account. Click “regĂ­strate” or “log in” to start registering. Make sure you enter a valid email address and a strong password. During the registration process, users are asked for their name, gender, birthday, and nickname. You can also enter information about their education level and their location if they want.

2. Uploading Videos:

The second step is uploading videos, which makes TokyVideo stand out from other video-sharing services. You can import videos from your computer or connect your YouTube account and download the videos you want to share. Once you have imported the videos, you can share them with others.

3. Privacy Settings:

Users can adjust the privacy settings shortly after uploading videos. Users who have yet to change these settings before uploading their videos can do it later. Users of TokyVideo have three levels of privacy to choose from: Public, Friends, and Private.

4. Viewing Videos:

After creating an account, users can start watching the videos posted by others on the TokyVideo application by clicking “Videos” on the top menu bar. If you want to view a specific video, search for it using the search bar or browse through the list of categories such as Comedy, News, Entertainment or Music. You can also use the search bar at the top right of every page to find videos related to a specific topic or keyword.

5. Subscriptions:

TokyVideo is a video-sharing service that allows the upload of videos. The main purpose of posting a video on TokyVideo is to share it with the world and find more people to connect with. However, many users use it to watch or share videos they want to watch again. This application offers subscriptions and gives users more than one month of access to all uploaded videos and any other kind of content on TokyVideo.

6. Notifications:

TokyVideo also offers users notifications concerning which video they will like or which tags appear in the video. The notifications are manageable as they can read various information such as tags, comments, likes, and views.

7. Other Features:

Once you have uploaded videos and finished the initial tutorial on using TokyVideo, you can play around with other features that come with it, such as trending videos, like/dislike buttons, and similar videos. This application does not come with advertisements, but there is a maximum limit to how many times you can play an ad before it plays again. This limitation depends on your plan and the type of phone you own.

8. Privacy and Safety:

TokyVideo has very strict policies on how videos can be used. To prevent misusing videos, it asks users to register before uploading particularly explicit videos or videos promoting illegal activity. The privacy settings are also there just in case your friends don’t know who you are on Facebook and you want to keep their real identity a secret.


TokyVideo is a video-sharing website that allows users to produce, share, and discover a wide range of material. You can get the most out of your TokyVideo experience by following these steps and connecting with the TokyVideo community. Keep up with TokyVideo’s upgrades and new features. The platform may add new tools, filters, or editing choices to improve your material.


Q: Where can I download the videos in TokyVideo?

A: Users can download the videos from their PC or any other mobile device using a compatible app. You can also download videos directly from the application page.

Q: How do I subscribe to TokyVideo?

A: A subscription to TokyVideo is similar to a plan for Netflix, although users are not charged monthly. Subscriptions are available once users create an account on TokyVideo, and they will be automatically charged on the first day of each month after that. Buyers of subscriptions know exactly how much they will pay each month by looking at their TokyVideo account at any time.

Q: Can I see who liked my video or comment on it?

A: Yes. You can check out both likes and comments on your uploaded video. The number of likes your videos receive can tell you a lot about its popularity. You can also click the “see all” link to view other videos uploaded by people who tagged your video. When you click on this link, you will see a screenshot of every video tagged and the number of views for each. 

Q. Is Tokyvideo Safe?

A: no, its not safe at all. because it has a pirated content which is available illegally, and using as well as distribution of pirated content is federal crime.