Flexclip Review 2024: Pricing and features

FlexClip is a simple yet powerful online video creator that aims to make video creation easier for both beginners and professionals. With just a few clicks of those mouse buttons, you have the power to create a professional-looking video on your computer with ease. From its filters to its effects, FlexClip offers something for everyone. It provides a full collection of materials and editing tools to help users make amazing movies for various objectives. It has several capabilities often associated with video editing software. These features may have evolved or extended in the years after my previous update. Also, you can enjoy advanced features like slow motion, subtitles, etc. With Flexclip, there is no need to spend money on similar tools anymore, as all the necessary features are available in this simple application.

Why Choose FlexClip?

1. Ease to use: FlexClip is a simple video-making software. It’s designed for you to learn only a few new skills, and the user interface is very straightforward. It’s much like a different version of Windows Movie Maker software. 

2. Powerful Editing Features: It allows you to create your masterpieces in high definition easily. You can also use its various features to add unique video effects.

3. Versatile: It’s not just a video editor. It’s also a video-sharing platform, so creating and sharing your videos have been made easier with FlexClip. You can share your creations on social media or network sites. It offers you multiple ways to share the videos that you have created. 

4. AI-Powered Capabilities: Its intelligent features make it even easier to create your videos. The AI-powered capabilities of FlexClip can automatically edit the videos according to your requirements.


Pricing for online services might fluctuate, so it’s critical to check the FlexClip website for the most up-to-date information. As of my latest update, FlexClip offers a free plan with restricted capabilities and watermarked films. They also had several premium subscription plans, which may have changed by 2024. Some common features seen in premium plans include:

1. HD Exports: HD exports are unavailable on the free plan.

2. No watermarks: Watermarks are present in the films created with a free account, but they will be removed once you upgrade your account.

3. Extended Video Length: The free plan allows users to upload up to 10 minutes of video.

4. Unlimited Tracks: Unlimited tracks are unavailable on the free plan.

5. Advanced Sound Effects: Audio processing, SonicEase, and more advanced sound effects options are unavailable on the free plan. On later plans, these features are available.

6. On-demand Support: The free plan offers on-demand support.

7. Exclusive Filters: Filters and effects are not available on the free plan but on later plans.

Most of FlexClip’s material doesn’t offer HD quality; however, some do require a premium membership subscription to unlock them.

Features of  FlexClip: 

1. Video Editing: You can edit your videos and create a watermarked movie from your created video.

2. Audio: FlexClip also allows you to add background music to your videos. The sound effects that you select can easily be embedded in the video or soundtrack of your video.

3. Transitions: You can add smooth transitions to your videos, which will work with any filters. 

4. Export Formats: FlexClip offers several export options to choose from, and it also allows you to make your custom output settings. You can choose from various video formats like MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, GIF and more. 

5. Video Effects: You can add different effects to your videos with FlexClip, including faded screen backgrounds, entire screen fillers, scene transitions, etc. 

6. Watermark Removal: You can remove the watermark from your videos. The watermark will be added automatically when people view your video without a premium membership. Moreover, the watermarks are removed if you share the projects on social media sites like Facebook.

7. Video Sharing: FlexClip has a built-in integration with social media so you can share your video creations with your friends and family easily. 

8. Templates: FlexClip provides free templates to get you started making videos right away. These templates are available for many occasions, including special events like birthdays, weddings, vacations and more. 

9. Slow motion: It allows you to slow down your videos to just half their original speed, offering you a unique video experience. You can also pause and resume the slow motion during playback if needed. 

10. Subtitles: You can add subtitles in your home videos, ensuring that your family members or friends clearly understand what they’re saying in the video and don’t have to strain their ears either.

FlexClip Review:

FlexClip is a powerful online video editing platform with an easy-to-use interface and many capabilities for making and editing videos. Using its simple drag-and-drop editor, you can cut and add text, transitions, and music to your movies. FlexClip also has a repository of stock media assets, which is useful for content developers. It offers many aspect ratios for major social media networks and simplifies exporting in popular formats. While the free version has restrictions, the subscription plans include additional capabilities such as watermark removal. FlexClip is a useful tool for people and organizations seeking to create professional-looking films without complicated software.


Remember that software functionality can change over time, and new FlexClip functions may have been added after my previous update. To gain an accurate image of the platform’s capabilities, it’s critical to verify the most recent information. FlexClip may have added new features, improved current ones, or changed its price structure by 2024. As a result, for the most up-to-date and accurate information about FlexClip price and features in 2024.