How I Finally Mastered WordPress After Failing Twice Before

Third Time Lucky How I Conquered WordPress

Learning WordPress was a rollercoaster journey for me. I tried and failed twice before finally finding success on my third attempt.

In this post, I’ll share my story to help others learn from my mistakes and experience the satisfaction of mastering WordPress.

The Backstory: Why I Wanted to Learn WordPress

I first became interested in WordPress back in 2018 because I hoped to launch a blog on current affairs to share my political commentary.

As a passionate writer and amateur coder, I was excited to learn WordPress to customize my site and express my creativity.

I knew having a polished, professional site would add credibility.

My First Failed Attempt to Learn WordPress

Eager but inexperienced, I immediately signed up for an online beginner’s course on WordPress fundamentals.

It covered the basics like installing WordPress, using themes and plugins, and publishing content.

Although I sailed through the course, I made big mistakes when applying what I had learned:

  • Chose a poorly coded free WordPress theme without reviews
  • Installed too many unnecessary plugins that overloaded my site

Within a few months, I found myself struggling with even minor customizations and unable to get my site to function smoothly.

Frustration eventually led me to abandon the half-finished site. At the time, I blamed the web host and theme rather than my novice skills.

The Second Attempt After a Break

In 2019 I tried again, hoping to build a local business directory site as a side business.

To avoid past beginner mistakes, I took an in-person WordPress workshop at a local tech academy.

The guided, hands-on learning was very helpful for concepts like customization, widgets, menus, etc.

However, I still struggled badly with customizing the site’s design and attempted advanced custom code beyond my skill level.

Once again frustration set in, and I shelved the half-built directory site.

The Third Time’s the Charm – What Finally Worked

Despite those back-to-back failed attempts, I couldn’t shake my goal of mastering WordPress.

After a 2 year break, I decided in 2021 to give it one more try with a new approach focused on simplicity and fundamentals.

This time my plan was to build a personal blog on self-improvement tips to share what I had learned from my own growth journey.

I knew I needed to start from square one and take it very slowly. I used a staging site to practice fundamentals before going live.

I followed best practices like using Elementor page builder so I could customize without coding. I also resisted the urge to install too many plugins or change complex code.

As I achieved small milestones, like publishing my first posts, installing basic plugins, and creating my homepage layout, my confidence grew tremendously.

In a few months, I had completed building my self-improvement blog from start to finish! Finally, my skills had caught up to my vision.

Key Takeaways from My Eventual Success

The biggest lessons I learned were that perseverance and the right learning strategy are critical.

By refusing to get discouraged after failing twice before, and instead identifying my past mistakes, I succeeded.

Patience, small goals, and mastering basics before attempting advanced skills aligned perfectly with my abilities.

For anyone struggling to learn WordPress, keep trying!

Have a plan that starts simple and builds gradually. Don’t compare yourself to experts. Seek help when needed and focus on growth.

Believe that with dedication and a positive mindset, you can become a proficient WordPress user too!

My Top Tips for Mastering WordPress

Here are my top tips for new WordPress users wanting to reach mastery:

  • Start with the fundamentals and take it slow
  • Practice on a staging site away from prying eyes
  • Follow tutorials and ask questions when stuck
  • Build confidence with small, achievable goals
  • Don’t overcomplicate – keep it simple, especially at first
  • Be patient with yourself – growth takes time

Learning WordPress took me on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, from excitement to disappointment and back to joy.

I’m living proof that with dedication and a strategic plan, you can overcome obstacles and develop new skills.

Keep believing in yourself, stick to the basics, and you’ll become a WordPress pro before you know it!


Learning WordPress was a journey for me. I tried and struggled twice before finally getting it right. My main tips are to start simple, be patient with yourself, and build up gradually.

  • Celebrate small wins along the way!
  • Comparing yourself to experts will only discourage you.
  • With dedication and a strategic plan, you too can master WordPress.
  • Don’t quit – take it step-by-step.
  • Before you know it, you’ll go from beginner to pro!

Remember, if I could do it after failing twice, you can totally do it too. I believe in you. Just get the fundamentals down and keep practicing.

You’ve so got this! Let my experience give you the motivation to persist. The satisfaction of acquiring a new skill is worth any temporary frustrations.

Keep your head up and keep going. Rooting for your WordPress success!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What was the biggest “aha moment” for you in finally mastering WordPress?

My biggest “aha moment” was realizing I needed to slow down, get the fundamentals locked in, and take baby steps instead of rushing ahead. Things finally clicked when I had the patience to learn step-by-step.

Q: What was the most unexpected thing you learned in your WordPress journey?

How much customization you can do without touching code! Using page builders like Elementor makes it so much easier for non-coders to design amazing sites.

Q: What WordPress skills proved most difficult for you to grasp as a beginner?

Understanding the difference between pages and posts tripped me up in the beginning. Also, learning how to update permalinks and use categories/tags effectively took me longer than expected.

Q: What is one key mistake you see others make when learning WordPress?

Not practicing enough! You need hands-on experience to get comfortable with concepts. Reading alone isn’t enough – you have to play around and build things.

Q: If you could go back, what would you tell yourself before starting WordPress?

Don’t think you need to master complex skills right away. Start simple, be patient with yourself, and do not compare your progress to others. It takes time!

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