iPhone App Store has Size and Price Caps

Submitted by lalit on June 13, 2008 - 12:11am.

Apple showed the new iPhone App Store this Monday at WWDC and talked about how developers can use it to sell their iPhone applications. Apple at that time didn’t talk about size or price limitations for these iPhone applications. Appleinsider has learned that the maximum size limit for a given application will be 2GB and the price limit is maximum $999.99. Apple doesn’t say whether the limit is technical or for other reasons. But if someone is selling an iPhone application for more than $20, I am not going to buy it. The App store lets the developer manage almost all the business and presentation related issues. It even lets developer decide in which country they want to sell iPhone applications. As always Apple won’t let developers put adult rated content on the App Store. It is largely believed that most of the iPhone applications will be free and the ones that have a price tag will mostly be priced less than $10.