Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2008 Rumor Roundup

Submitted by lalit on June 8, 2008 - 6:59pm.

Steve Jobs keynote at Worldwide Developers Conference tomorrow is one of the biggest events in tech world for this summer. Announcement at WWDC will definitely affect the whole mobile phone and computer industry. As a result there are so many rumors floating around in the blogosphere about what Apple will announce at the conference. Here is the list of major rumors circulating and their likelihood of coming true.
The 3G iPhone: Well it’s almost like a fact now that Apple will show the new 3G iPhone at WWDC, unless they want to surprise everyone and decide not to announce it at the keynote. Engadget claims to have information about the complete hardware and another website claims to have photos of the new phone. There is some doubt whether the new phone will have camera for video calls or not. Plus no one is sure if the phone will be thicker or thinner than previous generation iPhone. From what I know about Apple, it will be thinner. The specification that most believe new iPhone will have are 3G, quad-band GSM, 16GB and/or 32GB, WiFi, Bluetooth, same size screen and may be GPS. We will surely get complete specifications tomorrow.
iPhone, iPod touch Firmware 2.0 and Apps Store: Apple had announced that they will release the firmware 2.0 and the Apps Store in late June at their iPhone Software Roadmap event in March. It is possible that Apple will release both on Monday immediately after the keynote. KPCB’s Matt Murphy has said to Time magazine that Apple will have more than 1,000 applications ready for the Apps Store launch. At WWDC we will see the firmware 2.0 and Apps Store in action and mostly Apple will release the software for general public.
.Mac Service Revamp: Even Steve Jobs has accepted in an interview with Walt Mossberg that .Mac service needs a complete renovation. For past few days there have been strong hints that we will see the new service at WWDC. The new service might even see a name change like ”Me” or “MobileMe” and add feature like over the air sync, better windows integration and push email. According to rumors their will be a price cut and increase in storage space. The most unbelievable part of the rumors is that with iPhone you will get the service for free. I am sure that we will see an updated .Mac service but like everyone I am not sure whether there will be a name charge or not.
Mac OS X 10.6 Announcement: This new rumor started last week, TUAW first reported that Apple will introduce Mac OS X 10.6 at WWDC with focus on security and stability only. Arstechnica later concurred with TUAW and revealed that the OS X 10.6 is code named “Snow Leopard”. Arstechnica also said that it will be released in January 2009 and will be Intel only. But recent rumors indicate that it will support PowerPC Macs also. Largely it is believed that the new update will be more focused on security and performance than on new feature. We have to wait and see what Steve Jobs decides about the next update.
A Entry Level iPhone model: RBC’s analyst Mike Abramsky wrote in his research note that Apple might introduce a entry level iPhone or low price 3G iPhone to accelerate sales to more than 20 million for the year 2008. It has been rumored since the first iPhone was introduced that Apple is working on a second iPhone that will be smaller than present iPhone and will cost less around $200. Recently a Taiwanese touchscreen maker released diagrams showing 2.8” and 3.2” touchscreens, which it claimed will be used in an upcoming iPhone. Apple is definitely working on more than one iPhone and they will release a smaller model for sure, but if they release a new smaller iPhone at WWDC that will be a pleasant surprise.
Introduction of new touchscreen device: Many analysts believe that Apple is working on a touchscreen device aimed at the emerging Mobile Internet Device (MID) market. This device will have screen size between 4” to 7” and will add more features compared to iPod touch. It is inevitable that Apple will introduce more touchscreen based devices but will it be show or released at WWDC is everyone’s guess.
There are many other rumors floating around like Mac Tablet and Apple TV SDK, but I don’t think they have a chance of coming true at this year's WWDC. TechzTalk will be doing live keynote coverage tomorrow at 1 pm EST. For live WWDC Keynote coverage visit on Monday.