Bill Gates Demos TouchWall a New Multi-touch Computer

Submitted by lalit on May 14, 2008 - 1:50pm.

Bill Gates demos a giant multi-touch surface unit called TouchWall at CEO summit in Redmond. The system is touchscreen setup, which works on a standard version of Vista called Plex. TouchWall is one of the several multitouch display prototypes Microsoft Research has created, its bit similar to Microsoft Surface, a multitouch table computer that Microsoft started shipping in April 2008. Chris Pratley, Microsoft’s General manager said, “Microsoft Surface and TouchWall are completely different products. Touchwall is a fundamentally simpler mechanical system, and is also significantly cheaper to produce. While the Surface retails at around $10,000, the hardware to turn almost anything into a multitouch interface for TouchWall is just hundreds of dollars.” Microsoft is not the first company to design a multitouch wall. Other companies like HP have also demonstrated multitouch walls and Jeff Han, the multitouch pioneer, started selling one last year for $100,000. There is no information about when and for how much Microsoft will sell that TouchWall.
[Via Cnet]