Apple Press Event Rumor Round Up

Submitted by lalit on August 7, 2007 - 2:54am.

On 7th August at 10AM Apple is having it press event, many rumors are going around on web about what apple will release tomorrow.  Here is a list of all the rumors
1)    New iMac: We don’t think this is a rumor we will see the new iMacs tomorrow but there are rumors about it price and size also. According to rumors there will be 20” and 24” and will range from $1199 to $1999. iMac will have an all aluminum design.
2)    Macbook Slim: A sub 4-pound notebook with a 12” screen. Some are calling it Macbook Mini or Macbook Nano also
3)    Macbook with Flash drive: it’s the same sub 4-pound notebook but with a SSD.
4)    Mac mini: Well apple has not updated Mac mini for more then a year, it deserves some attention.
5)    iLife: Rumors are the apple will release it new iLife version tomorrow or Apple will at least demo it.
6)    iPod: though apple has said that this is a Mac event only but still there are rumors that apple will announce new iPod.
7)    .Mac update: we this program also need update so we hope they do update it.