AT&T and Verizon will Use 700MHz for 4G Cellular Network

Submitted by lalit on April 4, 2008 - 4:12pm.

AT&T and Verizon were the two big winners in FCC’s 700MHz auction and both have said that they will use the spectrum for 4G network. AT&T held a conference call regarding the 700MHz spectrum and confirmed that it will use the Long Term Evolution (LTE) on the 700MHz spectrum for 4G cellular network. The B-block that AT&T has acquired during auction would allow it to cover 87% of US market and would give it control over its network and applications as the frequency block can be used as a closed system. AT&T will introduce the 4G network after the analogue television signals goes offline in 2009. Verizon the other big winner in that auction has also announced that it will use the spectrum for 4G Cellular network. Like AT&T, Verizon will also use Long Term Evolution technology (LTE) for its network. The block of spectrum that Verizon has won has open access to any hardware and software on the future network, preventing it from excluding competitive services. Verizon will initially roll out 4G network in late 2009 and increase its coverage in 2010. As both AT&T and Verizon are using LTE on the 700MHz band, their networks can be interoperable allowing users to roam freely between network.