Is Upgrading to Intel Core i9 Processor on New MacBook Pro Worth It?

Submitted by lalit on July 17, 2018 - 11:25pm.

YouTuber Dave Lee has posted a video showing the new MacBook Pro with 2.9GHz Core i9 processor running at just 2.2GHz well below the advertised clock speed of 2.9GHz. Lee suggests that MacBook Pro’s cooling system is not sufficient for the new top of the range Intel processor’s thermal requirement. Lee says in the video:

”This i9 in this MacBook can't even maintain the base clock speed. Forget about Turbos and all that stuff, it can't even maintain the 2.9GHz base clock, which is absurd. This CPU is an unlocked, over-clockable chip, but all of that CPU potential is wasted inside this chassis.”

To prove his point he uses Premiere Pro render times for a 5K clip in which the last year’s MacBook Pro with a Core i7 processor finishes rendering 4 minutes faster (in 35 minutes) than new Core i9 MacBook Pro. He also shows a Windows Laptop Gigabyte’s Aero 15X that crushes both the MacBooks by finishing the rendering in just 7 minutes. It should be noted that Premiere Pro is not optimized for Mac and hence comparing with Wintel system is basically pointless.

However, comparing old Core i7 MacBook with new Core i9 MacBook shows that there is definitely some problem. We don’t know whether Apple will be able to solve that problem with a software update. So presently, it might be better to stick with Core i7 processor for the new MacBook Pros till Apple comes out with a solution.