CES 2016: LG Introduces Next Generation 4K OLED TV with Superior HDR Experience

Submitted by lalit on January 5, 2016 - 2:14pm.

Right now, LG has the best TVs (their OLED lineup) available on the market, and from their latest announcement at CES 2016, it looks like this year also LG’s OLED TV will be on the top. The next generation of LG OLED TVs - the G6 and E6 series will be one tenth of an inch deep with translucent glass backs and very thin bezels around the screen. LG calls it “Picture-On-Glass” design.

Not only is the design impressive, but the feature set is out of this world. Both the G and E series will features HDR Pro with support for all HDR formats (including HDR10 and DolbyVision). LG OLEDs will also get Ultra HD Premium spec that is applied by UHD Alliance to products that meet the highest level performance in resolution, peak luminance, black levels, wide color gamut and audio quality. The TVs will get webOS 3.0 update with better app support and internet connectivity.

LG didn't announce the release dates or pricing for the new OLED TVs, but we are hoping to see these TVs in the market by summer 2016.