Qualcomm Announces Development of First Multi-mode 4G Chipsets

Submitted by lalit on February 7, 2008 - 8:56pm.

Even though the Mobile World Congress Expo will start on 11th February, like most expos companies participating have started to announce what they will show at the expo. Qualcomm today announced that it would be first company to produce 4G chipsets that support multi standards. There are three upcoming 4G standards Long Term Evolution (LTE), EVDO Rev. B, and Ultra-Mobile Broadband. The Chipsets MDM9800 and MDM9600 will support all three of the upcoming standards and they will be powerful enough to download as fast as 50Mbps and uploads as fast as 25Mbps. The MDM9200 will also support 3.5G (HSPA+) and will be completely backwards compatible with the earlier standards. Qualcomm will start sampling the chipsets in spring 2009 and the actual rollout of device based on the chipsets and 4G networks should start in 2010.