Walt Mossberg Reviews VMWare Fusion

Submitted by lalit on August 2, 2007 - 7:43pm.

In the past two years virtualization has been a very strong reason for increased popularity of Intel Macs. First it was Parallels Desktop program that let you run Windows on your Mac and then there was Apple’s Boot Camp. The biggest problem with Boot Camp was that you had to restart the computer to switch into Windows. VMWare will be releasing their Virtualization software named Fusion next week. Like Parallels, Fusion is a virtualization program that will let you run Windows and Windows programs within the Mac operating system. Walt Mossberg compares Parallels and Fusion in his reviews of Fusion. According to Mossberg, Fusion was less system intrinsic program and overall performance was faster than Parallels but Parallels has more features then fusion. So ultimately Mossberg came to the conclusion “You won’t go wrong with either program. Both give the Macintosh a level of versatility that can’t be matched by Windows-only machines”.
You can read the Complete Review here: Fusion Review