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ChangeWave: Manufacturers and Service Providers Face Upheaval Over Newest Apple Gadget

Submitted by lalit on August 2, 2007 - 7:28pm.

ChangeWave published their July 18-20 consumer cell phone survey results today. A total of 3003 ChangeWave Alliance members participated in the survey, which points to an upheaval occurring among cell phone manufacturers and service providers alike. According to the survey 1% of it members were using iPhone and another 16% were likely to buy one in next 6 months, 77% of the current iPhone owners were very satisfied with the Apple products. Among the ChangeWave Alliance members AT&T was the only service provider that saw an increase in market share, all other providers had a decline in market share. According to ChangeWave there is a strong momentum created by iPhone that will affect other cell phone makers and service providers.
You can read the complete report here: ChangeWave

Microsoft Announces Delay in Release of Office 2008 for Mac

Submitted by lalit on August 2, 2007 - 7:25pm.

Microsoft today announced that it would be delaying the release of upcoming Office 2008 for Mac until January 2008. The Office 2008 version was supposed to be released in second half of 2007. General Manager  of Microsoft Macintosh business unit said in an interview “It really is just a quality issue across the board”. The switch to Intel processor and the new Office file formats were the other reasons mentioned for the delay caused. So we should expect Office 2008 to be launched at Macworld Expo 2008 or at least demoed there.  

Apple Applies for MultiTouch Interface Patent

Submitted by lalit on August 2, 2007 - 7:22pm.

If using the iPhone made you wonder if Apple going to use MultiTouch in computers, this new patent application by Apple shows what they want to do with MultiTouch in the future. The patent is credited to John Elias and Wayne Westerman, founders of Fingerworks, a company that deals with touch-interface. The patent describes how multi-touch gestures can have a broad vocabulary using number of different gestures with fingers, thumbs, and/or other hand parts. Over 300 different combinations are possible per hand. Examples given include Thumb and finger used to do many tasks on the computer like cut, copy, paste, redo, undo and drag. The patent was filed on 3rd January 2007 and was published today. This patent shows the direction Apple is taking with MultiTouch interface.

Defective ATI Radeon 2400 and 2600 slip into the channel

Submitted by lalit on August 1, 2007 - 8:27pm.

AMD’s diagnostic and validation software for graphics card had a bug that failed to detect defective ATI Radeon HD 2400 and 2600 according to digitimes. Asustek Computer, Micro-Star International and Gigabyte Technology encountered the problem. Channel vendors pointed out that the problem was in the BIOS. Problems in BIOS can be easily solved but the defective cards have to be returned to AMD to reapply BIOS update. One of the first-tier makers has recalled more the 20,000 cards and only few of the defective cards have reached consumers hand.

Microsoft Windows to Cross One Billion Count by End of 2008

Submitted by lalit on July 31, 2007 - 7:06pm.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer told attendees at company's analyst meeting that he expects windows to have a installed base of over a billion by end of fiscal year 2008. Ballmer also pointed out that makes more PCs running windows then there are automobiles in the world. We just pray that we don't ever get automobiles running like windows otherwise every time we switch on the head lights whole engine will go off.