Analyst: Apple will Unveil Netbooks at Macworld Expo in January

Submitted by lalit on December 16, 2008 - 8:50am.

Analyst Ezra Gottheil of Technology Business Research Inc., is saying that Apple will introduce two netbooks at Macworld Expo next month. Ezra adds that he has no inside information, but he is speculating based on evidence of gloomy economy, climbing sales of netbooks and comments from Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs.
Ezra believes that Apple will apply the closed system approach it adopted for the iPhone to the netbooks also. Application software will be delivered via App Store, device restore will be via iTunes, backup will be available though online service like MobileMe and peripheral and add-on choices will be limited.
We think Apple might use the closed system approach, but they can’t depend on iTunes for device restore as many people might use the netbook as the primary computer.
Gottheil says that Apple will release two models, one about the size of MacBook Air and other a $599 system similar to present netbook models.  “ I don’t necessarily expect it to be a touchscreen,” Ezra said. “In fact, I don’t think it will. But I do think that the interface would present simple, straight forward choices.”
Well everything above is just based on assumptions, releasing a Macbook Air sized netbook will not serve any purpose and might even cannibalize Macbook Air sales. Netbooks above 10-inch screen size are basically notebooks with inferior processors. And from what we hear Apple is working on a touchscreen device bigger than iPod. A small device like the netbook can definitely benefit from touchscreen interface. Apple can totally remove keyboard from the equation and use touchscreen for all inputs making the device thinner and lighter.
[Via Computer World]