Verizon Wireless to Rollout 4G LTE Network in Q4 2009

Submitted by lalit on December 10, 2008 - 6:02pm.

It has been known since FCC’s auction of 700MHz spectrum that Verizon want to be the first carrier in US to provide LTE based 4G-network service. Now it is almost official, as Dick Lynch, executive vice president and chief technology officer of Verizon Communications said “We expect that LTE will actually be in service somewhere here in the US probably this time next year”.
This aggressive move is a clear indication that Verizon wants to leave AT&T – US’s number one wireless carrier, behind in 4G-network deployment. Verizon will start LTE deployment in 2009 and will continue expanding the network for wider availability in 2010. Lynch also said that the company would use femtocell technology as an important part of LTE deployment. Femtocells will be available to subscribers for improving signal strength and network range indoors. The femtocells may also allow connection to WiFi router for in house wireless network.
AT&T on the other hand has already said that they don’t have any plans to deploy LTE network before 2010. Right now it looks like Verizon Wireless will be the first US cellphone carrier to offer true 4G network (we don’t consider WiMAX as 4G, anything below 25Mbps is not 4G).
[Via BGR]