Apple’s Mac OS X and Safari Reaches New All Time High Market Share

Submitted by lalit on December 1, 2008 - 11:52pm.

Net Applications’ latest data shows that Apple’s Mac OS X operating system and Safari web browser reached a new all time high market shares. According to Net Applications, Safari was placed third with 7.13 percent market share behind Internet Explorer with 69.77 percent and Firefox with 20.78 percent. This was the first time that IE went below 70 percent market share and Firefox went above 20 percent market share. Chrome was in fourth place with 0.83 percent market share followed by Opera with 0.71 percent.
On the OS side Microsoft Windows market share continued to fall as Mac OS X market share continued to rise.  Windows had 89.62 percent market share in November followed by Mac OS X with 8.87 percent. Linux was in third place with 0.83 percent market share. Apple’s iPhone and iPod OS also continued to rise with 0.37 percent and 0.05 percent OS market share.
Last month’s Net Application data showed drop in Apple’s market share and at that time we said that it will be interesting to see results for November and December. As you can see last months slight decrease in market share was just a small blip. Apple continues to increase it market share and in November allow they added 0.66 percent in OS market share and 0.56 percent in browser market share.
[Via Net Applications]