Samsung Launches the Fastest 256GB Solid State Drive

Submitted by lalit on November 21, 2008 - 9:21am.

Samsung has launched new 256GB SSD that company claims more than doubles the performance of its previous 64GB and 128GB SSDs. Samsung says, if both read and write speeds are considered, the new SSD is one of the fastest in the industry.  The sequential read speed is 220 megabytes per second and the sequential write speed is 200 megabytes per second.
Jim Elliott, vice president of memory marketing at Samsung said, “This 256GB SSD in a notebook is analogous to having a 15,000 RPM hard drive, without all of its size, noise, power and heating drawback”. According to Samsung, the new drive can transfer 25 high-definition movies in just 21 minutes compared to about 70 minutes required by 7,200-RPM hard drive.
Though, sequential read and write speeds of the new SSD is impressive, Samsung didn’t mention random write performance of the new drive. Solid-state drives normally lag in random read and write performance when compared to traditional hard drives. 
The 256GB SSD will consume just 1.1 watts of power making the new drive twice as efficient as laptop hard drives that normally consumes more than 2 watts power. To achieve the increased performance and power efficiency, Samsung developed a new single-platform design that consists of a chip controller, NAND flash and special drive firmware. Samsung hasn’t announced the price, but the new drive will be shipping very soon.