Super Talent Launches First Ever RAID Capable USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Submitted by lalit on November 4, 2009 - 7:40pm.

Super Talent today launched their new line of SuperSpeed USB 3.0 RAIDDrives, which are up to 10 times faster than the fastest USB 2.0 flash drive available. The new drive can transfer up to 200MBps data when used as regular USB 3.0 flash drive. But, if the drives are used via special USB Attached SCSI driver in RAID setup, the drives can transfer data at up to 320MB per second, faster than any SSD available.

Super Talent says that they were able to achieve these speeds by using a special technology that involves multiple RAID pairs of differential serial data lines on the drive. The new drives are backward compatible with USB 2.0 ports and will offer up to 60MBps data transfer on USB 2.0. Super Talent will ship the new SuperSpeed USB 3.0 RAIDDrive next month in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB capacities. The company hasn’t announced the prices yet.