Rumor Roundup for Apple’s ‘Back to the Mac’ Event

Submitted by lalit on October 20, 2010 - 8:25am.

Last week, Apple sent out invitation for their ‘Back to the Mac’ event and rumor-mill started in full force. Rumors range from believable reports that Apple will update the MacBook Air to almost unbelievable report that Apple will introduce 7-inch iPad. Below is a list of rumors that we think might come true today:

  • New MacBook Air: Reports are Apple will introduce MacBook Air with smaller 11.6-inch display, 2.13GHz Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB RAM, updated trackpad, Mini DisplayPort, two USB ports and SD card reader. According to Engadget, a black power key now sits immediately to the right of smaller eject key and the round aluminum power button is gone. This black power key might suggest that the new Air has instant-on capabilities. It is also rumored that Apple will update the 13-inch MacBook Air with same functionalities and both the models 11-inch and 13-inch will come with Apple designed upgradable SSD. As for the price 11-inch MacBook Air should start at $1,000 and the 13.3-inch at $1,200.
  • Mac OS X Lion 10.7: Though there are no solid leads, reports are Apple will revamp the UI of Mac OS X with a new Finder and iOS like scrolling. Aqua UI will be completely removed from Mac OS X and Apple will add more touch friendly features. Mac OS X Lion will offer more integrated workflow for different services and MobileMe will be free at basic level. As for the file system Apple will have much more data centric approach. Overall, everything will be much cleaner, leaner and faster than Snow Leopard. Apple’s invitation clearly indicates that Mac OS X Lion will be announced today.
  • iLife ’11: Rumors about Apple updating the iLife suite have been going around for past one year, but now it looks like Apple will finally update the application suite. All the applications in iLife suite will get new features except the iDVD, some rumors are saying that Apple will remove the iDVD application from the suite. All the applications will now be 64 bit with smaller footprint. Leaks on Amazon indicate that price for iLife ’11 will be cheaper at about $49.
  • Updated MacBook Pro Lineup: Rumors are Apple will update the MacBook Pro lineup and specially the 13-inch model with faster Core i5 processor and bigger hard drives. Our sources say that prices for higher end MacBook Pro should drop as component costs have gone down considerably. The price drop could range from $100 to $400 depending on MacBook Pro model.

New sections on Apple’s Discussions website indicate that two of the above four rumors, new MacBook Air and iLife’11 are going to come true. There are now pages for iMovie’11, iPhoto ’11, GarageBand ’11 and MBA (MacBook Air) in Apple’s support forum. There is also a page titled “Reserved 10 20” which might indicate a new product or updated MacBook Pro lineup.

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