AMD Demos Next Generation Processors Llano and Brazos

Submitted by lalit on October 19, 2010 - 9:38pm.

AMD demoed their next generation processors codenamed Llano and Brazos at AMD Technical Forum & Exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan. Llano and Brazos chips are next generation of AMD Fusion Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) technology, that combines up to four CPU cores and AMD’s 5000 series graphics technology on a single chip made using 32nm process technology.

By combining high performance 5000 series graphics chip with up to four CPU cores on single chip, AMD says it can offer unmatched performance. In the Llano demo, AMD ran three strenuous workloads simultaneously on a Window 7 system: calculating the value of Pi to 32 million decimal places, running a complex physics simulation in DirectX 11; and HD video playback from a Blu-ray disc. AMD also showed that the APUs were able to achieve workstation like 30GFLOPS on Microsoft’s n-Body DirectCompute application.

In the Brazos demo, AMD compared the new APU aimed at laptops with Core i5 Intel processors. The Brozos APU was able to achieve 20-22 GFLOPS at about 19 Watts in comparison to 8-9 GFLOPS achieved by Core i5 at about 38 Watts.

Though the new APUs will offer workstation like performance their total power requirements will be lower than most mobile processors according to AMD. Desktops and Laptops based on Llano and Brazos APUs should come in first quarter of 2011 to the market.