Apple Might Launch $800 Laptop; More Images of ‘Brick’ MacBook Casing

Submitted by lalit on October 9, 2008 - 8:42pm.

Apple has sent out invites for their 14th October laptop event this morning. As soon as the invite went public, various websites have posted rumors about the upcoming laptops. Some of these rumors might come true as Apple is trying to increase their presence in laptop market.

Yesterday, Engadget posted a spy-shot of the MacBook Pro casing made by the new 'Brick' manufacturing process. And, today Apple.Pro blog has posted three more images of what looks like the new MacBook casing. The shot from the top shows the keyboard view and larger trackpad, which is nearly identical to the current MacBook Air case design. The left side of the case shows ports arrangement and the right side has slot for optical drive.

From the images, it looks like the case has separate top and bottom ends, rather than being curved out of a single piece of aluminum. It is very much possible that both the top and bottom ends are curved out of aluminum block described for Brick manufacturing process. We will find out more when Apple launches the laptops on next Tuesday.

The Inquisitr is reporting that Apple will launch a $800 laptop, their sources in Apple retail chain has informed them, that Apple stores have been given price sheets that list 12 prices points for the new laptop range, with prices between $800 to $3100. Apple currently has 8 price points for its laptop lineup. An increase in number of price point can indicate either new models or more variations of same three models MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Anyway, an $800 starting price for Apple laptop does sound really good.

BB Gadgets has analyzed the marketing shot released by Apple today by comparing the size of the Apple logo to the size of the logo in present 15-inch MacBook Pro. They say that the Apple logo on MacBook Pro is 1.5-inch wide, but the logo in the picture appears to be smaller and would be perfect for a laptop under 13-inch wide, which would suggest a 13.3-inch diagonal screen. The laptop in the shot can be the new MacBook or a totally new product.

After Apple's announcement, analysts like Gene Munster have informed their clients that Apple will revamp the entire MacBook lineup and the price of entry-level MacBook will start $899 or $999. Most analysts are not expecting that Apple will add new product to its MacBook lineup, but it is possible that Steve would announce "one more thing".