Logitech Debuts First Google TV Box Revue

Submitted by lalit on October 6, 2010 - 9:31pm.

Logitech today unveiled Logitech Revue with Google TV, a plug-and-play companion box with its Logitech Keyboard controller, which together provide seamless control over the Google TV experience and home-entertainment devices. Along with Revue, Logitech also launched Logitech TV Cam, Logitech Mini Controller and Vid HD service for video calling. Logitech describes the new Revue as follows.

With a broadband Internet connection available, connecting the Logitech Revue to your home entertainment system is easy. Use the included HDMI cable to connect the Logitech Revue to the port on your HDTV, and then connect another HDMI cable between the Logitech Revue and your cable or satellite provider box with HDMI out. Then plug in the system to power up your Logitech Revue and follow the directions on the TV screen to complete the brief software setup. In minutes, the content available on your TV will expand beyond the day’s programming to include virtually limitless Web content, as well as a host of preloaded Google TV and Logitech applications.

Once set up, you can use the included Logitech Keyboard Controller to navigate and interact with the new world of content available on the biggest and best screen in the house – the TV screen. Watching your favorite videos online on your HDTV is just the start. Pick up the controller, and type in anything you want to find. Watching the big game on live TV and want to know the latest stats on your favorite player? Simply use the dual-view mode to see the stats on the Web while still watching the game.

The Logitech Keyboard Controller includes everything you need to control Google TV and features a familiar keyboard layout so anyone can start searching without a learning curve. It includes a touch pad with scroll functionality for control in addition to back and home buttons for easy Web page navigation. And to give you a reliable connection, the Keyboard Controller uses Logitech Unifying wireless technology.?

Because Harmony Link technology is embedded in Logitech Revue – the same technology that powers Logitech’s award-winning family of Harmony universal remotes – you will enjoy seamless control over how you experience Google TV. So when you search for something and then click on it, your selection will come up at the touch of one button – no manual switching of inputs required. ?

In addition to the familiar typing and mouse experience, Logitech provides buttons to control your TV, A/V receiver and DVR. These let you power on your TV, turn up the volume on your speakers or access your DVR content without needing to use an additional remote. In addition, you can use the setup software to customize buttons of your controller and map commands for your devices.

The Logitech Revue is available for pre-order on Amazon priced $299.99. The Mini Controller will be priced $129.99 and the Logitech TV Cam will cost $149.99. Check out the hands-on impression of Logitech Revue in the video below.