Nest Announces Weave - New Communication Protocols For Smart Devices

Submitted by lalit on October 1, 2015 - 1:45pm.

Nest today announced new communication protocols for smart devices called Weave. The company said that when they started Nest five years ago, they realized that none of the communication protocols worked for them, so they ended up inviting their own set of protocols called Nest Weave. Nest says that they have been using the Weave protocols for years and next year they will open it up to everyone who wants to make a connected home product.

According to Nest, Weave lets devices talk directly to each other and to Nest. And because it’s reliable, compact and secure, it works great for all kinds of products – like a lightbulb that needs to turn on and off without any lag time, or a door lock that runs on battery power, or a security system that needs to work even if Wi-Fi goes down.

Lock maker Yale will be on of the first company to launch a product using the Weave technology. Nest says, “They’ve been making locks since 1843. But they knew they wanted to make a new kind of connected lock. That’s why they came to Nest. Using Nest Weave, our cloud services and app, they built the first lock that lets you check if the door is open, see who came and went, and create passcodes for family members and guests from the Nest app.”

The new connected lock will be called Linus and the video below shows how it works. Smart home devices based on Nest Weave protocol should come to the market by next year.