iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 – The Confusion Continues

Submitted by lalit on September 29, 2011 - 2:33pm.

What’s Apple big iPhone announcement on October 4th is the question on everyone’s mind. And the debate was again reignited today by the news that China Unicom’s research vice president, Huan Wenliang who spoke at Macworld Asia 2011 keynote speech said “iPhone 5 will support W-CDMA based high-speed data transfer standard HSPA Evolution HSPA+”. He presented a slide with question mark in place of iPhone 5 image, but it said “iPhone 5 2011 HSPA+ 21Mbps”.

However, few hours after this news was posted, 9to5mac reported that iPhone 4S has appeared in Apple’s inventory. 9to5mac’s report was based on a packaging label that was posted on a Chinese forum. Mark Gurman wrote:

We quickly dismissed the label as fake due to its unknown origin, but it is now possibly real. The model number from the label is MD239 (a 16GB unit), while the model number for the “better” (likely 32GB unit) is MD234. According to Mr. X, this sequence is sensible, but could just be a coincidence. If legitimate, the next-generation iPhone will be marketed as the iPhone 4S, but we definitely would not call that anywhere near confirmed. Another tidbit: IMEI and MEID being together on the label would seem to confirm this new iPhone to be GSM+CDMA.

Somehow, every time various rumor blogs start to agree on one of the model/name (iPhone 4S or iPhone 5), a new rumor gets leaked causing more speculation (Is Apple behind it?). I do think that Apple has some major announcement up their sleeves this time and they are doing everything in their power to stop the leaks. Just few more days to go and we will all find out what Apple has in store for next generation iPhone. We have added below, images of iPhone 5 prototype created using CAD designs, hardware components, several leaked hints and cases. The images were posted by GIGA.de and they have also posted a video showing the prototype model.