Next Generation iMac with SD Slot and Quad-Core Processor; MacBook Update Coming with New iMac

Submitted by lalit on September 25, 2009 - 8:25pm.

Yesterday, we reported about the upcoming iMac update and the possibility of quad core processor in the new iMacs. Now French site Mac4Ever has posted that it has received a number of tips that upcoming iMac will include SD card slot just like the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro. The website concurs with our report that iMac will feature quad-core processor, however says it will be a Xeon processor, which is very unlikely because of the thermal requirements of Xeon chip.

Other information that Mac4Ever received from it sources include a new 100 percent touch enabled mouse capable of advanced mouse functions, new aluminum Apple Remote and much-rumored Apple tablet that will be very different from concepts that have appeared on rumor sites.

In another Apple related rumor, AppleInsider is reporting that Apple has redesigned its white MacBook and it will be released along with the new iMacs in coming weeks. The new MacBooks will have thinner and sleeker enclosure made with same white polycarbonate shell and they will be the most affordable notebook offerings in the Mac maker’s history. AppleInsider says “Together, the pair of refreshes should round out Apple’s 2009 personal computer offerings and propel the company into the holiday shopping season with its most cost-effective lineup of Mac hardware to date.”
[Via MacRumors]