Pictures of Microsoft Pink Phones Posted Online

Submitted by lalit on September 23, 2009 - 8:38pm.

It looks like Gizmodo has a direct link to Microsoft’s research department. Earlier today they revealed Microsoft’s dual touchscreen booklet called Courier. And now they have posted pictures of rumored smartphones Turtle and Pure that the company is developing under project codenamed Pink.

The picture above is of the smartphone codenamed Turtle, it like a squarish version of Palm Pre. The picture below the post is of Pure – a regular smartphone with slide-out keyboard. The design of both the phones shown in the pictures is very similar to the information about project Pink we posted on Monday. It looks like Microsoft will finally ship its own smartphone hardware.

Gizmodo believes that Sharp will manufacture the phones and Microsoft will target the same market as the Sidekick with the new phones. The phones are in later stages of development cycle and should be announced soon.

If these are the two phones that Microsoft will use to start their fight against the iPhone they have already lost their battle. In fact most of the Windows Mobile phones available today look better than the Turtle and Pure. We were just hoping that Microsoft might have developed something better in three years time to compete with iPhone.