Cisco Updates Flip UltraHD and MinoHD Pocket Camcorders

Submitted by lalit on September 21, 2010 - 1:43pm.

Flip started the pocket camcorder crazy, but the company has been falling behind competition for past few months. Flip has rolled out an all-new line of affordable UltraHD and MinoHD camcorders to address this problem. Flip maintains its focus on simplicity, while improving HD video quality (720p 60fps), adding hardware-based image stabilization, expanding personalization options and offering more ways to share video using pre-loaded FlipShare software.

The new UltraHD will come in two models with 1 hour video recording on 4GB model and 2 hours on 8GB model. The 8GB model will support 720p video recording at up to 60fps with image stabilization, whereas the 4GB model will only support 720p video at up to 30fps without image stabilization. The sleeker MinoHD will also have 1 hour, 4GB model and 2hours, 8GB model, but both the models will support 720p at 60fps with image stabilization.

Along with the new camcorders, Cisco also announced new accessory program called Designed for Flip that includes a range of products like wide angle lens, two different types of enhanced external microphones, waterproof cases, battery chargers and pocket projector.

A key component of the Designed for Flip initiative is a new Flip Video feature called FlipPort. The FlipPort is a uniquely developed connector found on the bottom of the new Flip UltraHD 8 GB/2 hour video camera that will become a standard feature on future generations of Flip video cameras. The FlipPort will allow a range of specialized accessories to easily plug right in to Flip video cameras and open up a world of new uses and creativity for consumers.

New Designed for Flip products using FlipPort include Mikey for Flip from Blue Microphones, wireless lavaliere microphone from Scosche, battery extender from iGo, Pocket Projector and external storage support from Seagate.

Both the Designed for Flip accessories and new camcorders are available now. The camcorders are available on Amazon priced $149.99 for UltraHD 4GB, $199.99 for UltraHD 8GB, $179.99 for MinoHD 4GB and $229.99 for MinoHD 8GB.