More Information / Rumors About Microsoft Tablet

Submitted by lalit on September 21, 2009 - 5:22pm.

Today morning we reported that Microsoft is developing a tablet prototype. Adding more fuel to Microsoft tablet rumors Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet has posted that she received a tip earlier this year about Microsoft developing a tablet and Chief Experience Officer J Allard leading the development team. Mary wrote:

“More recently, I heard that at least one exec from Microsoft’s Surface team is part of the Tablet effort, too. Microsoft officials have hinted before that they’re set on building a smaller Surface. At one point, that project was going by the codename “Oahu”. But the new Tablet effort is allegedly part of something that is known as “Alchemy Ventures,” according to the couple of tips I’ve gotten on it to date. I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft is waiting for Apple to show its Tablet hand before trotting out its revamped Tablet.”

No Information is yet available on whether Microsoft will release the devices under its brand name or if the company will partner up with some hardware manufacturer. Mary believes that in the mobile device space, Microsoft will form close partnerships with hardware makers under the new “chassis” model. Microsoft will develop detailed specification for its device and then allow hardware partners to bid on making the new device with those specs. This will allow Microsoft to have tighter control over hardware and software integration.

If Microsoft releases the new tablet, it will be their second attempt at tablet form factor, and as we have seen in past Microsoft needs at least two attempts to get the design right.