Microsoft will Introduce Two iPhone Competitors in 2010

Submitted by lalit on September 21, 2009 - 12:56am.

Even though, Microsoft has repeatedly denied that they are developing their own smartphone hardware. 9to5mac is reporting that Microsoft will unleash two new smartphones at CES in January 2010. The new smartphones are being developed under the project codenamed “Pink” with the help from Danger team acquired by Microsoft.

Both the phones will have slide-out QWERTY keyboard and will be manufactured in partnership with Sharp. The branding on the phones will be Microsoft + Sharp. The first device code-named “Turtle” will be squarish in shape with rounded edges. The slide-out keyboard will house the mic at the bottom, as the phone is meant to be open while in use. The second device codenamed “Pure” will have traditional candybar shape with slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

Both the device will use over-the-air application store model that Danger’s Sidekick phone has employed. Applications downloaded will be added to your monthly phone bill rather than being charged directly to your credit card.

9to5mac says that they have got pretty detailed pictures of the two devices, but will not post it on their website to avoid litigation. Also the website says that they have received much bigger and juicier rumor about a Microsoft tablet that is still in prototype stage. However, like the smartphone images, the website didn’t post any information about the tablet.