Garmin Introduces Two New GPS Running Watches Forerunner 620 and Fore Runner 220

Submitted by lalit on September 16, 2013 - 2:53pm.

Garmin today announced two new GPS running watches, which they claim are “the next best things to having a personal running coach.” Forerunner 620 and Forerunner 220 GPS running watches are two of the lightest, thinnest and most advanced offering for runners from Garmin.

The Forerunner 620 offers advanced features like recovery advisor, race predictor and VO2 max estimate to help runners train smarter and achieve new race goals. When used with the NEW HRM-Run monitor, the 620 also provides feedback on running form. For indoor training, like on a treadmill, the 620 and 220's built-in accelerometer tracks distance and pace, so runners don't need a separate sensor. Both models boast Garmin's unique one-inch Chroma color display to easily interpret data.

The Forerunner 620 can measure VO2 max using advanced algorithm to indicate the maximum volume of oxygen a runner can consume per minute, which can help predict a runner’s race time for several distances. With HRM-Run the 620 can also calculate 3 different running metrics including Cadence, vertical oscillation and ground contact time.

Both Forerunner 620 and 220 support Bluetooth Smart allowing them to transfer data from the watch to Garmin Connect Mobile app on compatible smartphone. Runners can also set up their Forerunner 620 to work with one or more Wi-Fi hot spots, such as their home and office networks, to automatically sync with Garmin Connect when in range.

Forerunner 620 is available in blue/black and white/orange, while Forerunner 220 is available in black/red and white/violet and are expected to ship fall 2013. Forerunner 620 will be priced $399.99 and $449.99 with HRM-Run Bundle. The Forerunner 220 will be priced $249.99 and $299.99 with Heart Rate Bundle. [Via Engadget]