iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black Wait Time Slips to November Within 30 Minutes

Submitted by lalit on September 9, 2016 - 2:52am.

Apple started taking pre-orders for the new iPhone 7 today, about 30 minutes ago. For the first 6-7 minutes after 12:00 AM, the Apple website store and the Apple Store app were both not working and once they started working, pre-order of iPhone 7 Plus for the launch day were finished within seconds.

I got my order for the new iPhone 7 Plus 128GB Jet Black in at 12:09 within 2 mins of the store coming back online, but got a shipping date of first week of October. Jet black model is also sold out for iPhone 7 in both 128GB and 256GB models, on all four carriers in US.

Just 30 minutes after Apple started taking pre-orders, all the iPhone 7 Plus models had a wait time of at least 3-4 weeks and the Jet Black models had shipping date of November. Some of the iPhone 7 models are still available for launch day delivery, but even iPhone 7 Jet Black models has a 2-3 weeks wait.