Apple to use Broadcom BCM4358 WiFi Chip in iPhone 6

Submitted by lalit on September 9, 2014 - 11:27am.

Rumors are that Apple will bring 802.11ac standard to iPhone 6 and our sources say that Apple will use Broadcom BCM4358 chip for that. Broadcom released the new 5G WiFi (802.11ac) 2x2 Multiple Input Multiple output (MIMO) combo chip of mobile devices few days ago and promised that will be featured in high-end smartphone in the third quarter.

The third quarter is about to end and we believe that the high-end smartphone that Broadcom was talking about is iPhone 6 that Apple will announce today.

According to Broadcom the new chip offers 650 Mbps WiFi data throughput and 50% better coexistence with bluetooth, which will allow consumers to download content twice as fast as before and will also improve battery life.

"The combination of 5G WiFi and 2x2 MIMO unlocks the full potential of today's smartphones and tablets. These technologies are becoming de facto requirements for connectivity in high-end mobile devices," said David Recker, Broadcom Senior Director, Wireless Connectivity. "With the BCM4358 we are addressing critical multi-radio interference challenges while setting a new bar for performance that reflects Broadcom's continued commitment to be first to deliver the most powerful solutions in the market." 

It will be awesome if iPhone 6 gets 802.11ac not just for faster internet surfing, but also for better syncing with other devices like Apple TV and the latest Macs.