5 Features That Will Make Apple Watch 2 Amazing

Submitted by lalit on September 6, 2016 - 10:46pm.

I have been using the Apple Watch Sport everyday since April 2015. It has not only changed the way I interact with my iPhone, but also the way I live my day to day life. Previously, I used to check the iPhone every few minutes for messages, phone calls and other notifications. However, checking the iPhone wasn't the worst part, most of the time once I had the iPhone in my hand I would start checking other stuff and forget about the world around. But now with a flick of the wrist I can see whats going on and reply if its important. Otherwise go back to what I was doing before.

The other part of my life that Apple Watch has affected most is fitness. I have owned many fitness bands, but none have motivated me like Apple Watch has. It’s now a daily goal to finish all three rings (if you are a fellow Apple Watch user you know what I mean). It has made me stronger, faster and healthier.

I use the Apple Watch regularly for Apple Pay, boarding flights, buying coffee, music playback, maps, remote, timer, alarm and many other things.

Even though, it has become an integral part of my daily routine, there are few things that can make it even better. Here are the five features that will make the Apple Watch 2 the best gadget of 2016:

  • GPS: Let me say it out loud “I don’t care about Cellular connectivity on Apple Watch”. However, I do want GPS on the next Apple Watch. While walking or running, the big iPhone 6s Plus is one thing I don't want to carry around. A GPS on the watch will free me from the iPhone while running and it will improve it as a fitness device.
  • Swim Friendly: I have used my Apple Watch many times in the pool and luckily it’s still working. I hope that Apple not only offers better water proofing on Watch 2 (so I don’t have to worry anymore), but also add Swim to the Workout app to track swimming activity.
  • Better Readability in Sun: Apple Watch screen is awesome indoors, but once you are in the sun, the whole screen washes out. Sometimes, it’s almost impossible to read anything on the screen outdoors. iPhone used to be like that, but Apple improved the iPhone screen by removing the air gap between the LCD and the glass, thus decreasing the reflection. Now iPhone is much better outdoors. I hope Apple will do something similar to the Apple Watch 2 screen too.
  • Faster Processor: One complaint that almost everyone has about the first Apple Watch is slow performance. Every app has long load time, after pressing a button you have to wait for few milliseconds before it reacts and slow loading of data. We have developed a habit of using apps with super-fast load times and instant response on the iPhone and we expect the same on the Apple Watch 2.
  • Better WiFi Connectivity: Even when using home WiFi connection, Apple Watch needs your iPhone to be on the same network to use it. At least on our home WiFi network, Apple Watch needs to be less dependent on the iPhone. If it can update apps using WiFi it will be faster, more responsive and more useful.