What Apple Shouldn't Do with iWatch

Submitted by lalit on September 3, 2014 - 10:07am.

Since the rumors started that Apple will soon launch a smartwatch early last year, every other electronic company has launched a smartwatch, while we are still waiting for the iWatch. However, every smartwatch that has been launched so far, shows why Apple takes its sweet time refining a product before launching it for the masses.

Each and every smartwatch that has come to the market in past year feels like a prototype, a beta product launched for people to test. These smartwatches show five things Apple shouldn't do with the iWatch:

Make it an iPhone Dependent Accessory: The Galaxy Gear smartwatch that Samsung launched last year were nothing more than an accessory for Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 handset. The best feature of Galaxy Gear was notifications and it isn't even in the top 5 features that I want in the iWatch.

Try to Make It Look Like Traditional Watch: iWatch will be much more than a traditional watch, so there is no need to make it look like one. Let me be clear, I am not saying people shouldn't have an option of putting watch faces as the home screen, but that shouldn't be Apple’s focus. The main problem with making it look like a traditional watch is that anyone who wears a good watch like Rolex or Tag Heuer will feel like the smartwatch is just a cheap imitation.

Make it a Smartphone on the Wrist: The biggest mistake Samsung did with their latest Gear S smartwatch is add a 3G antenna. I don't want to bring my wrist to my mouth to talk to a watch and typing texts on a small touchscreen is at a whole other level of geekiness. Also the less antennas the iWatch will have the more battery life it will give. In fact, I want the WiFi to only work when the watch is charging to sync data with the cloud or other iOS devices.

Not Just a Great Activity Monitor: If Apple makes the iWatch a great activity monitor it will be a very successful product, but imagine the potential if its more than just an activity monitor. The iWatch pushes you to be in your targeted heart rate zone while you are exercising. Or it reminds you to relax for five minutes when you are stressed at work. Or it reminds you to take your medications at the right time (I don't mean by using a set alarm, but by monitoring your activities). Then it will be a truly great product.

Ship a Beta Product: I don't mind being a beta tester, but the average public does and because of this smartwatch adoption has been slow. From past history, we have seen that Apple releases a very polished product like the iPod, iPhone and iPad. I hope Apple continues with that, even if we have to wait 3-4 more months.