Screenshot Showing MacBook Touch On Apple’s Website Leaked

Submitted by lalit on August 20, 2009 - 9:40am.

Touch User Guide has posted screenshot of Apple’s website showcasing rumored MacBook Touch (Apple tablet). The screenshot says “MacBook Touch – iPhone Apps & OS X living in perfect harmony”. The webpage in the screenshot has link to “watch the TV ad” and “watch the guided tour”. The Touch User Guide also points out the little tab under the video player, which could be part of the new Cocktail feature Apple is developing.

If the image is real the tablet looks really sleek, in fact it might be the thinnest device with 10-inch screen. And technologically it’s possible to run iPhone application and lightweight Mac OS X application side-by-side, because underneath it all it’s the same OS. Now the big question, if the webpage is ready when is Apple going to announce the MacBook Touch or is the image fake.