Sony Finally Introduces Slimmer PS3 and PS3 Firmware 3.0

Submitted by lalit on August 18, 2009 - 6:41pm.

Rumors about PS3 Slim have been going around for almost a year, and finally today Sony announced the new PS3 Slim that is 32 percent smaller and consumes 34 percent less power, but has all the features of present generation PS3. The new PS3 Slim will come in matte black finish in place of piano black and it will have 120GB hard drive. The new model also saw $100 price drop and now its priced $299. PS3 Slim will ship in North America and Europe from September 1st and in Japan from September 3rd. Engadget posted a video of PS3 Slim introduction, we have added the video below.

Along with PS3 Slim, Sony also introduced PS3 firmware 3.0 that features animated themes with avatars, modifications to friends list, new UI, new status indicator and a new section that replaces the Information Board. With the firmware update Sony brings PlayStation Video store to countries like UK, France, Germany and Spain in November. We have added a video below from Engadget that shows PSP Firmware 3.0 in action.

The recently announced PSP will also get firmware update that will bring Digital Reader for comics and a selection of games sized 100MB or less, which Sony calls Minis. The Minis section is designed to take advantage of the smaller development cost on the PSP. Sony will launch the Minis section with 15 games including Tetris, Hero of Sparta, MiniGore and Fieldrunners on October 1st. No word yet on pricing of the Minis, but we believe they will be priced to compete with iPhone apps.

With introduction of new PS3 Slim and $100 price drop, Sony has made PS3 extremely competitive (pricewise, hardware-wise its a superior product any day) with Xbox 360 and they should see the benefits this holiday season. Checkout the videos below.
[Via Engadget]