Images Of Rumored iPod Touch And Nano Featuring Camera Posted Online

Submitted by lalit on August 15, 2009 - 8:34pm.

With September approaching, rumors about upcoming Apple event and next generation iPod lineup have started to gather momentum. The latest news suggests that Apple will have a press event on 7th September to launch the new iPod lineup. Many blogs have also posted images of upcoming iPod touch and iPod nano cases.
Corvino and Rich blog has posted images of the new iPod touch with camera. The images clearly show a top-center mounted camera and circuit board marked Apple 2009. The previous generation iPod touch had circuit board market Apple 2008. According to the man who sent the pictures to Covino and Rich blog, the device show in pictures was used for durability test and he acquired it from a recycler. The photos do look legit and might even be of the upcoming iPod touch. Also Corvino and Rich blog has posted a video showing the new iPod touch, making the whole rumor more reliable.
In another iPod related news, Portuguese authorized Apple reseller has posted pictures of 3G iPod touch and 5G iPod nano cases from JIVO. The images show that external design of both the iPods will remain same, except they will feature a camera. The case for iPod touch shows that it will have a top center mounted camera concurring with the above rumor, while the iPod nano will have a camera on bottom side.
We will very soon find out whether the two rumors have any merit in them or not, as it is very likely that Apple will continue the three year old tradition of September press event for introduction of new iPod lineup.