iPhone 3GS Shortage Continues Around The World

Submitted by lalit on August 10, 2009 - 11:41am.

Since the launch of iPhone 3GS, Apple has been struggling to meet demand for the device. Just two weeks after launch of iPhone 3GS over 75 percent Apple Stores in US were experiencing shortage. Similar reports also came from UK in July, where iPhone 3GS supply was lagging behind demand for the new device.

Singapore iPhone 3GS launch last month saw over 3,000 people standing in line for hours to get the new device. And last week, Australian carriers also reported that demand for iPhone 3GS is exceeding supply.

Ireland is the latest country added to the list, O2 Ireland is reporting that demand is much higher than supply. O2’s representative said “There has been unprecedented demand for the new iPhone 3GS since it went on sale in June, not just in Ireland but around the world. We continue to work with Apple to ensure frequent deliveries of stock into Ireland. However, at the moment, demand continues to exceed supply, as is the case in other countries also. We anticipate that stock levels will improve in the coming weeks.”

The above statement was released by O2 as few customers had to wait more than a week to get the new iPhone 3GS. AT&T in US was also facing similar problems in June, but now demand and supply are almost in balance. It is very likely that within next few weeks iPhone 3GS supply will be able to meet the demand in countries like Ireland and Australia also.
[Via 9to5mac]