Terabyte RRAM Storage For Future iPhones

Submitted by lalit on July 24, 2014 - 8:38am.

There have been lot of talk about how RRAM (resistive RAM) can bring more and faster storage to mobile devices, but production process and durability have put a big question mark on the technology. However, researchers at Rice University have developed a way to use silicon oxide rather than more exotic materials to make RRAM. The best part is that the method can use regular chip making equipment at room temperatures and make RRAM chips that are 100 times more durable and heat resistant.

So, how is it made? Researchers used porous silicon oxide and metals like gold or platinum to fill the pores, resulting in a silicon material that is familiar and easy to work with using current chip manufacturing equipment. However, by using metal with silicon researchers were able to make far denser and faster chip than earlier RRAM. The new RRAM chip stores nine bits per cell, which is three times higher than current flash storage. This approach will allow manufacturing of postage stamp size RRAM chips with 1TB of storage.

So, when will it come to the market? Research lead James Tour says that they are working on a deal with an unnamed manufacturer in next couple of weeks and as the technology uses current manufacturing equipments it shouldn't take long for the RRAM to come to the market or to your iPhone (our guess in about 2-3 years).

[Via Engadget]