HP Tablet Rumors

Submitted by lalit on July 20, 2010 - 8:46pm.

Since HP bought Palm rumors about WebOS based HP tablet have been going around. And HP’s recent application for PalmPad trademark has added fuel to the fire. Latest rumors are HP is developing a WebOS based tablet, which will have a touchscreen supporting both pen and finger based inputs. Examiner posted that the PalmPad just like HP’s tm series notebook will have a screen that recognizes a wacom pen while functioning as a capacitive touchsceen. The tablet will support handwriting recognition and allow users to take notes as well as search notes.

In other HP tablet related news, the company has listed HP Slate on their website. It was believed that the Windows 7 based Slate project was dead. However, the new listing shows that the project is now known as HP Slate 500 and is based on Windows 7 Premium. It features 8.9-inch screen, two cameras and is Energy Star qualified. A further look at Energy Star website reveals that the Slate 500 uses a 1.6GHz Intel processor (Intel Atom very likely). No information about price or release date has been posted on the webpage.

Right now it looks like HP will launch tablets based on both WebOS and Windows 7 and let the market decide which approach is successful.