Samsung Completely Out, TSMC In for A10 and A11 Chips

Submitted by lalit on July 19, 2016 - 2:17pm.

Chinese language newspaper, Economic Daily News, reported today that TSMC will be exclusive producer of not only upcoming A10 processor but also next generation A11 processor. This news adds support to the report published in May 2016, saying TSMC has begun to tape out the design for Apple’s A11 processor and plans to start small volume production of A11 chips in first half of 2017.

Samsung and TSMC are currently sharing production of Apple’s A9 processor. However, as tests have pointed out, TSMC made A9 processors run slightly faster, cooler and offers better battery life. Even though the difference between the two A9 processors is small, it clearly shows the lead TSMC has over Samsung in manufacturing process. And the rumors are that TSMC will extend that lead with their 10nm FinFET process which Apple will use for A11 processor.

This is good news for both Apple and TSMC and bad news for Samsung, as Apple was their biggest customer when it came to chip manufacturing.

[Via DigiTimes]