LG Shows Super Flexible OLED Display, Promises 60-inch Rollable TV by 2017

Submitted by lalit on July 15, 2014 - 5:09am.

We have seen many small flexible OLED display till now, but LG is for the first time showing an 18-inch flexible OLED display that can be rolled in a 3 cm across tube. LG is using a new polyamide film in place of plastic film typically used as back panel for the OLED display. This not only makes the display substantially more flexible, but thinner also.

LG’s head of R&D, In-Byung Kang is confident that the company will be able to successfully develop an ultra HD flexible and transparent OLED of more than 60 inches by 2017. Yes, LG we are waiting for a window shade that when rolled down can work as a TV also.

[Via Engadget]