Over 75 Percent Apple Retail Stores Experiencing iPhone 3GS Shortage

Submitted by lalit on June 29, 2009 - 11:15am.

Like last year, Apple has again started iPhone 3GS availability website that gives up-to-date availability information for the new iPhone. Apple launched the website to help customers after it was reported last week that iPhone 3GS stocks were dwindling throughout the country. Apple says that shipments of iPhone 3GS arrive most days and availability is updated hourly. 

As of Monday afternoon about 76 percent Apple Stores (159 out of 208) didn’t have at least one iPhone model. And around 60 percent of Apple Stores were out of more than one iPhone 3GS model. More than 30 Apple Stores were out of all four iPhone 3GS models and that number is rising. AT&T has also reported iPhone 3GS storage and its online store is showing more than a week wait for order shipment.

One interesting thing to note on iPhone 3GS availability website is that iPhone 3GS shortage is more on west coast than on east coast.  More than 90 percent of Apple Stores on west coast are out of at least one iPhone 3GS model, while that number falls to about 55 percent on east coast. Overall, it looks like iPhone 3GS is selling like hot cakes, which is very good news for Apple.