Sony's New VAIO P offers 1.6GHz Processor and 128 GB SSD for .. Whoa! $1499

Submitted by lalit on June 22, 2009 - 7:20pm.

Sony has updated its VAIO P series and added new ultraportable configuration that comes with 1.6GHz Intel Processor, 2GB DDR2 RAM, 128GB SSD, GPS, Bluetooth and Verizon Mobile broadband for $1,499. The new VAIO P model is available for pre-order and it will start shipping by end of this month. You can get more information about the new model on Sony’s website.

Now the main question – why would someone pay $1,500 plus taxes for a netbook? Sony says, “don’t call it a netbook”, it’s a lifestyle PC. Sony even tries to hide the fact that VAIO P uses an Atom processor by just mentioning Intel Processor on its website. However, VAIO P is just a netbook without a trackpad.

For $1,500, you could buy an ultra thin and light notebook like MacBook Air that will give you double the performance and longer battery life. Whatever, Sony may advertise, but the truth is you can’t actually carry VAIO P in back pocket of your jeans. So, you have to carry a separate bag/sleeve for the VAIO P just like you would do for MacBook Air. The overall area required by Sony VAIO P in a bag is 37.25 cubic inches, which is just one-third less than area required by MacBook Air (52.6 cubic inches).

The only upside to the VAIO P is its weight which is half that of MacBook Air – 1.4 pounds vs. 3 pounds. But isn’t it too big a sacrifice in performance and usability for just 1.6 pounds decrease in weight at the same price. Buying $399 netbook for its price is understandable, but spending $1,500 on an underpowered device is pointless.