iOS 6 to Bring Siri to iPad, iCloud Tabs, Do Not Disturb Toggle, Mail VIPs and Facebook Integration

Submitted by lalit on June 4, 2012 - 12:48pm.

Like last week was all about iPhone 5 rumors, this week is turning out to be iOS 6 rumors week. Again 9to5mac is the main source behind the iOS 6 rumors, and according to their reliable sources iOS 6 will bring features like Siri for new iPad, iCloud tabs for Safari, Do Not Disturb Toggle for Notification Center, Mail VIPs and Facebook Integration.

Siri on iPad: It will be just like iPhone 4S without the phone related features. Siri on iPad will support music playback, iMessaging, Calendar managing, Reminders, Weather, Maps, email, Notes, Contacts and Wolfram Alpha search. The interface won’t be full screen like on the iPhone and it will only work on the new iPad with Retina Display.

Safari iCloud Tabs: With this Safari feature users will be able to view a list of tabs opened in the Safari web browser across multiple iOS device and Macs. Mark Gurman describes the feature by saying “When the iCloud Tabs button is clicked on an iOS 6 device (or Mac), all the tabs opened on each device are simply shown in a synchronized list. From here, users can quickly pickup individual tabs that they were working on across their Apple devices.”

Do Not Disturb Toggle: The ‘Do Not Disturb’ in iOS 6 will be similar to the Do Not Disturb feature in OS X Mountain Lion Notification Center. According to 9to5mac’s sources, “while the option is present directly in the Mountain Lion Notification Center, the Do Not Disturb toggle is stationed like the Airplane Mode button in settings”.

Mail VIPs: Again like the Mountain Lion feature, the iOS 6 Mail VIPs puts a star next to emails received from a specified group of people. The Mail VIPs feature will sync via iCloud across iPads, iPhones, iPod touches and Macs in iOS 6 and OS X Mountain Lion.

Facebook Integration: It will be very similar to Twitter integration in iOS 5. The Photos app on iOS 6 will see the biggest presence of this new feature allowing users to post photos directly to Facebook from the app. Apple will also bring Facebook integration to App Store on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch with a standard Facebook “Like” button. 9to5mac says “If a user is logged into Facebook via iOS Settings, these app “Likes” will be sent to their Facebook Timelines. Accompanying status messages will also be an option.”

Overall, these features revealed by 9to5mac are evolutionary rather than revolutionary. And from what we have heard from ours sources iOS 6 will definitely have some revolutionary features with the new Maps app being one of those groundbreaking features.