Next Gen Apple TV to Use A4 Processor and Cost $99

Submitted by lalit on May 28, 2010 - 11:12am.

Engadget has got a tip that Apple will update its Apple TV later this year. The website confirmed this tip with a source very close to Apple – who says that Apple has been working on next version of Apple TV long before Google announced their TV solution. Apple will base the new Apple TV on iPhone OS and use Apple’s A4 processor just like the iPad and upcoming fourth generation iPhone.

According to Engadget, the device will be very small with few ports and has been described as “an iPhone without a screen”. Hard drive on the current Apple TV will be replaced by 16GB flash memory on next gen model that will be capable of full 1080p high definition video output.

Apple will use smaller onboard storage (16GB), as the company plans to move away from the model of local storage and focus on cloud based storage and services on the new Apple TV. Apple TV will also have the option of network sharing via Time Capsule or computers.

The best feature of next Apple TV will be its price, just $99. Engadget believes that Apple will focus on iPhone at WWDC and Apple TV announcement should come later in fall 2010.
[Via Engadget]