Sony Demos Thinner Than Hair Rollable OLED Display

Submitted by lalit on May 26, 2010 - 6:47am.

Sony is demoing a rollable OLED display that is thinner than hair at 80μm. The OLED display is made using printing technology onto a highly flexible back-plane that can be rolled and unrolled 1,000 times without any ill effects. The display uses 20μm of organic substrate and no solid IC chips, allowing it to playback video while being rolled around a 4mm radius peg.

The 4.1-inch OLED panel demoed by Sony has 432 x 240 resolution, 1000:1 contrast ratio and 100cd/m2 brightness. It can display 16 million colors with 121-ppi pixel density. Sony says the new technology can be used in future handheld devices like cellphones, potable media players and PSPs, allowing those devices to become smaller while offering decent size screen. Check out the video below showing the rollable OLED display in action.
[Via SlashGear]