HP Working on webOS Tablet Codenamed Hurricane

Submitted by lalit on May 10, 2010 - 10:25pm.

When HP acquired Palm few weeks back they announced plans to release tablets based on Palm webOS. And the latest rumors are HP is working hard and fast towards this goal. The company is working on a webOS based tablet codenamed HP Hurricane that will be launched in third quarter of this year. There have been rumors that Palm was developing a webOS based tablet since last year and it’s very likely that HP would release that device under their brand name.

Earlier this year, HP showcased their new tablet called HP Slate at CES. However, previews of the device that was planned to ship in second half of 2010 have been really bad. As the device was found to be sluggish with very less battery life compared to Apple iPad. The sluggish performance was attributed to Windows 7 that requires lot of system resources to run efficiently and the Atom processor on the tablet didn’t provide enough horsepower. As a result of which, HP announced few days back that they have cancelled plans to manufacture the HP Slate.

Now with Palm on their side, HP has a lightweight smartphone OS that can in theory run on a tablet like device without requiring lot of horsepower and battery juice. But the big question is will it be successful, as Palm webOS hasn’t made a big dent in smartphone market since launch last year and application/developer support for the platform has been modest. It will be interesting so she how HP markets the webOS based devices as that can make a big difference.