Leaked Photos Show iPad 5 Rear Shell and iPhone 5S SIM Tray

Submitted by lalit on April 22, 2013 - 9:43am.

Two separate photo leaks have revealed the parts of upcoming iOS devices that Apple will ship later this year. In the first leak, case company called Tactus have posted on their blog a photo, which they claim is rear shell of fifth generation iPad. And the shell in the photo indeed matches the rumored design of the upcoming iPad 5, which according to rumors will follow the iPad mini’s design. The rear shell in the photo looks completely finished, which would indicate that Apple is in final stages of product development and manufacturing.

In the second leak, Japanese parts shop Moumantai has posted photo of nano SIM trays that they claim are for next generation iPhone 5S. However, as the SIM trays are almost identical to current iPhone 5’s SIM tray, but in slightly different color we believe that they are just cheap iPhone 5 replacement parts advertised as iPhone 5S parts.