iPad News: Sold Out by Early Afternoon on Launch Day; Netbook Growth Slows in Anticipation; and Sales Prediction of 7M in 2010

Submitted by lalit on April 2, 2010 - 1:46pm.

Apple’s new iPad will hit the stores on Saturday at 9 AM. And Envisioneering Group’s analyst Richard Doherty is already predicting that iPad will be sold out by early afternoon on Saturday. He expects long lines at Apple Store on launch day, as buyers get help setting up e-mail and adding software apps for the first time on their new iPad.

In fact expectations are so high for the iPad that they have affected the growth of netbook market. According to IDC, netbook market grew just 33.6 percent last quarter compared to 872 percent in same quarter last year. In a survey done by PriceGrabber.com last month, around 50 percent of potential netbook and notebook buyers said that they are considering buying an iPad instead of a more traditional laptop type device.

iPad has ignited a consumer interest in tablets and there is no real competition for iPad in the tablet market right now. iSuppli estimates that this would help Apple to sell about 7 million iPads in 2010. The research firm says initial sales will be driven by early adopters, but as more people get attracted to the unique touchscreen UI of iPad, mass-market adoption will start, which should increase the sales to 14.4 million in 2011 and 20.1 million in 2012.

With demand expected to be very high for iPad on launch day reports are coming in that some customers who pre-ordered iPad wouldn’t receive their new device on Saturday. Also customers who ordered iPads through education reps have been told not to expect iPad until late April. With demand so high it will be interesting to see how soon iPad crosses the 1 million sales mark.

Also, All Things Digital has posted a video of WSJ’s Katie Boehret giving people in Washington DC, a sneak peek of the new device and getting their early impressions. Check out the video below.